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_MG_0525 Why You Should Visit TANKFEST on Friday

Preview Day lets you make the most of your visit to TANKFEST, without the crowds. It is also your chance to see the last minute guest star, the Jagdpanther! Find out more. 

Jagdpanther IMG_3309*GUEST STARS* Jagdpanther

The Weald Foundation and The Tank Museum are pleased to announce a last-minute addition to the TANKFEST 2019 line up – the foundation’s World War Two Jagdpanther. One of only three running examples in the world, it will be running alongside the Panther for the first time EVER in the UK. Find out more.

Parachute jump website*GUEST STARS* Army Parachute Display Team 

The afternoon display on Saturday and Sunday will be opened by The Lightning Bolts - the Army Parachute Display Team. Get the chance to win a parachute jump here - raffle tickets £5.  

_MG_0525*GUEST STAR* Panther 

A Second World War Panther tank will be appearing at TANKFEST 2019 for the first time, thanks to the French Tank Museum and World of Tanks. Find out more

Valentine DD Tankfest*GUEST STAR* Valentine DD

A rare Valentine Duplex Drive tank, owned by John Pearson, will be staying out of the water and driving around the TANKFEST arena with other WWII vehicles to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 

/cms-images/Living HistoryLiving History Groups

Step back in time and visit the Living History Encampments. The following groups will be attending: 

British | Bersayap Tentara, Men of Arnhem, Royal Union Rifles, Dorsetshire Regiment.

German | Volkssturm-V3, Heia Safari, Wehrmacht 44

USA | Screaming Eagles Living History Group, US 29th Infantry "Hell and Back", Charlie Company 29th Infantry

Other | French Army Reenactment Group, Live Historians

Churchill III*TANK MUSUEM STAR* Churchill Mark III

The newly loaned Churchill Mark III is being restored in The Tank Museum Workshop, ready for TANKFEST. It has been over 5 years since a Churchill ran at this event. The vehicle is one of three Churchills recently given on long-term loan from the Churchill Trust. 

Stug Tankfest*GUEST STAR* StuG III

Returning guest star, the StuG III is now confirmed to be running at TANKFEST. This vehicle is one of only a handful of running StuGs and is owned by Jon Phillips. 

Centurion*GUEST STAR* Centurion

A Centurion lent by John Davies will be returning to The Tank Museum to run at TANKFEST 2019. 

Chaffee new*TANK MUSEUM STAR* Chaffee

The newly running Chaffee is joining the other Second World War vehicles in the arena this TANKFEST. 

45) Leopard I PRTL van het toenmalige Legermuseum, hier op het depot te Grave-Driehuis, 10-08-2006. Foto Wim den Dunnen*GUEST STAR* Cheetah PRTL 

The Cheetah PRTL is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and is being brought to TANKFEST by The Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army, in cooperation with the National Military Museum of The Netherlands.

sherman-firefly-tanks-in-town-2005-2*GUEST STAR* Sherman Firefly 

This particular Sherman Firefly comes from the Bastogne Barracks in Belgium, part of the Belgian Royal Military Museum. Find out more

TANKFEST 2019 programme now available

The Tank Museum are pleased to announce the arena display programme for Saturday and Sunday of TANKFEST has been released. Check out what's going on here. Please note this is subject to change. 

FB_IMG_1499936032048*GUEST STAR* Two Russian T-34s 

The tanks are T-34/85 variants and both were produced during the Second World War. One is coming from the Cobbaton Collection in Devon and the other has been kindly lent by private collector, John Sanderson. Find out more

Hago for TF News*GUEST STAR* Type 95 Ha-Go

A Type 95 Ha-Go tank, used by Japan during the Second World War, will be running in the arena at TANKFEST 2019. Only two operational Ha-Go tanks exist in the world and this is the first time that one has ever run at TANKFEST. Find out more

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