The Tank Museum | The Tiger Tank Collection

The Tiger Tank Collection

In a world first, The Tank Museum will bring every member of the Tiger Tank family together in one display.

Opened in Spring 2017, hear from both British and German Second World War Veterans about their experiences of the Tigers. 

See the Museum’s Tiger I, two King Tigers, Jagdtiger and other Tiger related collection items, as well as the Sherman 'Fury' tank and T-34/76 to compare Axis and Allied vehicles of the Second World War.

The Elefant was on loan from US Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center at Fort Lee, VA, by The United States Army Centre of Military History, and has now returned there.

The Tiger Tank Collection will close it's doors on Sunday 3rd November 2019 ahead of our World War II Hall Renovation Project. Read more about what we have planned here.

After Sunday 3rd November, Vehicles in the Collection will be distributed across the Museum and VCC. Tiger 131 will be moved into the Tank Story Hall Exhibition space. *Subject to building work, and availability of space on the Museum floor.

For more information see The Tiger Tank Collection announcement.