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Tanks in Action Displays

See tanks roll into action, feel the ground shake and learn how tanks are used in battle.

If you're visiting during May Half Term or summer school holidays, don't miss Tanks in Action displays! 

With real tanks and real explosions, Tanks in Action is included in your ticket and Annual Pass. 

TIA_D-Day Comp_2_FLTFeaturing four of The Tank Museum's Running Fleet, including tanks, armoured cars, and specialist vehicles, Tanks in Action shows the ways in which armoured vehicles work together in the field. See them in action during the mock battle and dig deeper with a Q&A

PLUS get the chance to take part by recruiting in the Orientation Area on the day of your visit. As a volunteer, you are trained by the Sergeant and take part in the battle. Includes a free ride in an armoured personnel carrier. 

Tanks in Action displays can be seen on weekdays at 1pm during the school holidays in the May Half Term and summer. 

2020 Dates
25-29 May
23 July - 31 August 

Each display features a Main Battle Tank and three support vehicles. To maintain the spread the load over our Running Fleet, each are rotated weekly.

Cold War - 20 July - 15 August
Featured Main Battle Tank: Leopard 1, Chieftain, M60, T-72 or Type 59
Support Vehicles: Ferret, Lynx, Warrior, Saladin, Piranha, FV 432, Buffel and more 

Second World War - 25-30 May and 17-21 August
Featured Main Battle Tank: Sherman M4A2E8 'Fury', Sherman M4A4 or Comet
Support Vehicles: Hotchkiss Jeep, Daimler Dingo, M16 Half-Track, Daimler Armoured Car, Morris Armoured Car. 

First Gulf War - 24-31 August
Featured Main Battle Tank: Challenger 1
Support Vehicles: Scorpion, Stalwart, Warrior and FV 432

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Murco Fuel Powers The Tank Museum’s Live Displays 

Looking for something more specialist? 

See tanks in the arena all weekend at TANKFEST 2020 or watch our most infamous tank, Tiger 131, run at Tiger Day in August and September. 

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Get up close to Panzers during Tiger Day 13 & 14

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