The Tank Museum | Dan Snow Launches new Tank Museum app

Dan Snow Launches new Tank Museum app

New WW1 app now available

15th December 2014

Dan Snow came to The Tank Museum at the end of November to introduce the Museum’s new WW1 Tanks App, to a group of local school children.

A group of Year 9 students from Blandford School had the chance to meet the TV historian and talk to him about the First World War, whilst being given a tour of the new app.

Dan said: “It’s been fantastic to talk to such enthusiastic students studying this important period in world history”, and went on to say:  “The museum’s new Timeline WW1 Tanks app is a fascinating source for the First World War – it allows anyone with an interest in the Great War to hear direct from the museum’s expert historians about the horrors of WW1, and find out about the role the tank played in helping the Allies to break out of the trenches and win the war. “

The Timeline WW1 App:
100 years ago this Autumn British planners began drawing up designs for what was to become the first tank - within two years it was on the battlefield.  The Tank Museum, Bovington, and Ballista, a multi-platform production company, have launched a comprehensive new multi-media app Timeline WW1 Tanks. It joins the award-winning Timeline World War II and Timeline WWI.  Following on from the success of these apps, Timeline WW1 Tanks revolutionises the way the development of these incredible machines can be viewed and understood.
The app, presented by Dan Snow, features The Tank Museum’s unrivalled collection of WW1 tanks, interviews with tank experts, archive film of tanks in action and images from every stage of the tank story – from the earliest designs to the battlefields of 1918.
A new feature within the Timeline WW1 Tanks using Apple iBeacons technology allows visitors to the Tank Museum (who have downloaded the app) to automatically receive relevant content as they walk around the WW1 exhibits within the museum.

Key features on Timeline WW1 Tanks include:

Interactive Timeline - allows you to explore close to 1000 events, showing the development of the tank and the first tank battles, the people who designed them and those who faced the ultimate test of fighting in them – as well as the key events of WW1.

Film & Audio - 50 short videos and audio clips including archive film of tanks in action and interviews with world experts on WW1 tanks giving a fascinating insight into the development of the tank, and what it was like to fight in them.

400 Images - from design plans for the earliest tanks, to photos of tanks in action on the battlefields of WW1.

Search & Filter - explore the events and themes that interest you, including: "The Tank Story"; "WW1 Tank Battles"; “Tank Design”; "WW1 in Brief", and many more.

Interactive Map - allows you to search and locate key events on world map, including animated battle plans for key battles of WW1.

Timeline WW1 Tanks for iPad is available to download from the iTunes store:
price £6.99.