The Tank Museum | Engineering Students in Competition Win

Engineering Students in Competition Win

19th December 2014

Max Venters, Chelsea Haskins, Joe Hindley and Samantha Davies with lecturer Christopher Benjamin receive a £500 cheque from the Tank Museum’s Director Richard Smith.

Four Bournemouth University Engineering students, (pictured above) recently won a competition to design an interactive for the Museum’s 2015 Tank Factory exhibition. 

Little Willie (ID 52856)With the challenge of making the interactive appealing to a wide age-range, robust and cost-effective - Joe, Max, Chelsea and Samantha produced technical specifications, colour visuals and cardboard prototypes of two models. The models demonstrate why the world’s first tank, Little Willie (top left), failed tests to cross a First World War trench but the rhomboid shape of the Mark 1 (bottom left) succeeded. 
Mark 1 Model (ID 52857)
The group came top out of a total of 35 students and 8 other submissions and their plans have now been passed to Exhibition Designers for final production. In February, the interactive will be installed in an area of Tank Factory that will tell the story of British innovation in tank design over the last century.

‘The Tank Factory exhibition is funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. The HLF encourages museums to involve people in their local heritage and asking engineering students to design an interactive was a good opportunity to foster stronger links with the local university.

The winning group produced a visually appealing interactive for all ages relating to two of our most iconic vehicles, Little Willie and the Mark 1. They went to the trouble of including a cost breakdown, detailed technical drawings and a thorough design brief and are worthy winners of the competition.’

Sarah Lambert, Tank Museum Exhibitions Manager.