Challenger 2 to appear alongside Mark IV replica in London

19th August 2016

Exactly 100 years on from the first tank attack in history, The Tank Museum and the Royal Tank Regiment will honour the memory of pioneering British tank soldiers with a special appearance in central London.

On 15 September 1916, during the Battle of the Somme, the British Army sent tanks into action for the first time changing the nature of warfare for ever. The men who took part in that action were young and inexperienced - the pioneers of a completely new kind of warfare. 

To mark the occasion, on 15 September 2016, The Tank Museum will be positioned its replica First World War Replica Mark IV tank on Trafalgar Square for public display from 5am - 11am, in association the World of Tanks publisher and developer Wargaming. Following which, the tank will be transported to Horse Guards Parade where it will be joined by a British Army Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, crewed by members of The Royal Tank Regiment.

This will provide a unique opportunity to picture the very first type of tank fielded with the British Army’s current Main Battle Tank in central London. 

The Museum are also holding a TANK 100 event, in partnership with the Royal Tank Regiment, on 17 September at The Tank Museum. The event will feature both historic and modern Army displays. Find out more.