Tiger Family Reunited

The Tiger Collection family is now complete

30th June 2017

The Tank Museum has now completed its family of Tigers in the Tiger Collection exhibition – unlike the other tanks this last member is made of pixels not metal.

In April 2017, The Tiger Collection exhibition, was unveiled and brought together all the members of the Tiger family for the first time since the Second World War. The sole exception was the Sturmtiger, just eighteen of these tanks were built and only three survive in the world. 

Sturmtiger ARSince it was not possible to bring one of the few surviving Sturmtigers to the UK, Wargaming – creators of World of Tanks, and sponsors of the Tiger Collection Exhibition – stepped in to bring the tank to the Museum virtually.

Wargaming, in partnership with Gravity Jack, developed an Augmented Reality experience which allows Museum goers to see a life-size model of the tank appear beside the Tiger 131, using a Tango-enabled phone tethered to the installation. The installation is a first-of-its kind interactive experience in the museum sector using cutting edge technology.

Museum Director Richard Smith said: “Our exhibition of the Tiger tank family had one important member missing.

“We turned to our sponsors at World of Tanks to provide the rare Sturmtiger digitally for our visitors to see alongside the five other Tigers in the collection – and using cutting edge interpretive technology, that’s exactly what they have done.

Sturmtiger AR2“This is an exciting project - not only have we been able to call on the latest technology, but we think this is the future of museum interpretation.

“The way it allows the visitor to interact with, and better understand, collections is game changing.

“I’m not aware of any other museum in the world to have taken this approach and we’re looking forward to seeing how our visitors react to it.”

The augmented reality installation is currently undergoing some reformatting and will most likely be available again in late August/early September.

The Tiger exhibition includes the museum’s own Tiger 1, its two King Tigers, and its Jagdtiger, along with the Elefant, which is back in Europe for the first time since the end of the war after being imported from the US.