Novelty Postcard

New donation to the Archives

7th July 2017

A charming novelty postcard, recently donated to the Archive, which shows images of the local area, of Bovington, Dorset. 

Postcard frontThe postcard was published by ‘The Photochrom Co. Ltd London & Tunbridge Wells’ with an image designed by the artist ‘G.A.S’. The front depicts a colour image of a female riding pillion on a motor bike with a satchel at her side which reads “Seen from the Road at Bovington Camp”. 

Postcard writingOn the reverse the postcard features a red one penny stamp with the image of King George V in the top right hand corner. This has been postmarked with “Bovington, 4pm 3SP, 15” which dates this postcard as 3rdSeptember 1915 which is when Bovington was still an Infantry Camp. Considering the age and its design being vulnerable to wear and tear; the postcard is in very good condition with the colours remaining very bright suffering only slight boxing and creases. A touching message is written in black pen from a son to his Mother telling her he hasn’t been able to pass but will try again asking her to “Remember me to all the children”.

Postcard 3Inside the satchel, attached to the front of the postcard, are delicate black and white images of Lulworth, Wool, Bare Regis and Bovington which fold out in a concertina style. The images are picturesque, displaying vistas of Lulworth Cove and local Churches, Stations and Post Offices and offer modern and traditional forms of transport, in this case the motor-car, and the horse and cart. 

Most interestingly for the archive, the scenes at Bovington offer an insight into the early years of Camp and sparse conditions with soldier’s resting inside basic army accommodation and the Camp’s YMCA huts. It’s striking to see the solitary buildings, more akin to large sheds, placed in bare fields of churned up mud.