TANKFEST 2018 tickets go on sale today

2nd August 2017

TANKFEST 2018 tickets are set to go on sale today.

TANKFEST is The Tank Museum’s most important fundraising event. We always listen closely to visitor feedback to ensure the best possible experience for our visitors. As a result, we are making the following improvements for TANKFEST 2018: 

• LOWER CAPACITY: For 2018, are reducing the capacity by 1,000 visitors per day. This means we have had to increase our prices, particularly on the Saturday which has traditionally been the busiest day. 

• BIGGER DISCOUNTS: We agree there is too much to see in one day, so we want you to spend more time with us at TANKFEST. To help, we have created some great new ticket options – including a three day ticket which will allow you to save 20% off the total cost. These ‘block’ tickets are ideal for those travelling from far away and who want to experience the Museum – inside and out! 

• BETTER VIEWING: We are also increasing the spectator space around the arena to improve viewing opportunities. 

• PREVIEW DAY: In 2018, the first day of TANKFEST will be Friday. We will not be operating a full arena programme, but there will be some short displays of visiting armour. As it’s a weekday, the Preview Day will be considerably less busy and provide the perfect opportunity to explore the Museum and the trade stalls before the show really begins - without fear of missing anyy of the action in the arena.

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