A Real Man's Life in the Royal Tank Regiment

New Donation to the Archive

20th October 2017

A charming promotional booklet for the Royal Tank Regiment which dates back to the late 1950s. 

This recruiting booklet, which offers “comradeship with adventure” and printed by the Free Press Ltd, has unfortunately been stuck into a private 5th RTR album which has been recently donated to the Tank Museum Archive. 

RTR bookletThe booklet, titled ‘A Real Man’s Life in the Royal Tank Regiment’ features a striking front cover with the regimental colours. Inside are multiple black and white comic images with minimal text in speech bubbles. The cartoons are brimming with detail, such as extra text on notice boards referring to Regimental hobbies and music rooms, new additions in the library, a swimming pool to keep fit in. It takes pains to emphasise that the RTR have the latest in modern equipment, showing the Conqueror, Centurion, Ferret and softskins as models in a shop window with a poster referring to them as “the Army of the Future”.

The booklet shows off all the benefits of the RTR such as learning new skills emphasising that everyone learns to drive, being able to gain a G. C. E. (the old O Level) and how lodging, clothing and food are all free.  One page includes a spread of relaxed cartoon images offering travel and tempting holiday destinations in Germany, England, Africa and the Far East with the text referring to “plenty of leave on full pay” while serving with the regiment. Two pages are devoted to pay, with five examples of soldiers, their circumstances and their pay. The booklet points out how pay increases with age and longevity of service, with employment from 6 to 22 years “and a handsome cash lump sum on leaving”. All presenting life in the RTR as leisurely, globe-trotting, well paid and secure.

A small tear off form at the end of the booklet could be completed and posted for more information.