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Elefant tank staying until 30th January 2019

17th January 2019

The Elefant tank, part of the Tiger Tank Collection, is staying on display until January 2019.

The Elefant has been lent to The Tank Museum by US Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center at Fort Lee, VA, by The United States Army Centre of Military History and is one of just two surviving examples of the 91 Elefants that saw service with German forces.

It has been part of the Tiger Collection display since the exhibition opened in April 2017. The new exhibition brought every member of the Tiger tank family together in one display for the first time and was scheduled to run until Autumn 2018, but due to popular demand has been extended until Autumn 2019.

Unfortunately the Elefant has to be returned home early, so will be on display until 30th January. The empty space left by the Elefant in the exhibition will be filled by another vehicle from the Museum collection.