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Last Chance to See!

Tank Back to the Future closes on 27th January

15th January 2019

Visit the Museum’s temporary exhibition, of 21 mini war-machines, before it ends on 27th January.

Tank Back to the Future, which explores history’s failed armoured vehicle designs through a series of scale models, is on loan from the National Military Museum, in the Netherlands.

Firepower, protection and mobility, the design principles of armoured vehicles are examined and the display looks at doomed tank experiments like the Tsar Tank and the Da Vinci tank.

The Exhibition will be replaced in April 2018, by a new exhibition commemorating 80 years of the Royal Armoured Corps.

Long After the Battle will tell visitors about the lives of the first men to serve in the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) during the Second World War.

Their experiences will be told through interviews filmed with Second World War Veterans alongside five tanks used by the RAC during the Second World War: a Matilda I, the newly restored Matilda II, a Valentine, a Churchill, and a Sherman.

Finally, The Tank Museum’s popular Victoria Cross exhibition has been extended to run until Easter 2019. Originally scheduled to end in November 2018, the Victoria Cross exhibition features all four VC medals won by the Tank Corps during the First World War.