The Tank Museum | When the Russians Come

When the Russians Come

Tank Museum Chieftain in new exhibition at the National Military Museum in the Netherlands.

15th February 2019

The Tank Museum's Chieftain has been transported to the Netherlands to feature in a new exhibition at the National Military Museum. 

When the Russians Come explores the time of the Cold War, when the world was divided into East and West. The exhibition will feature a poignant 3D audio tour and special objects from home and abroad, including The Tank Museum's Chieftain.

This particular Chieftain is painted in a pattern specially developed to stand out less in urban areas, which is referred to as Berlin Camouflage. Tanks like these were stationed at the British 'Berlin Brigade' at the time of the Cold War. 

The Tank Museum have loaned the Chieftain to the National Military Museum for the duration of the exhibition. Find out more about the new exhibition here.