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Cartoons to train the Army!

Leopard 2 Training Manual

22nd February 2019

This Leopard 2 Safety Regulations and Accident Prevention booklet for German conscripts has been given a colourful boost.

Akin to the spirit of the Tigerfibel and Patherfibel before it, this booklet produced by Krauss Maffei aims to inform recruits on the basic Leopard 2 dos and don’ts in the most simple and entertaining way. These methods include using poetry and rhyming couplets. Each couplet is written in top left hand corner of each page in bold font and accompanied by humorous comic illustrations.

While it is hard to really capture the charm of the rhyming couplets, as they do not translate into English particularly well, the colourful cartoons convey their meaning with little need of translation. Topics covered include taking the tank out without orders, leaving Leopard 2’s antenna up during electrical storms and securing the tanks turret before travel.

Leopard 2 cartoon2

"It’s 20 times quicker
1000 times heavier
And 3000 times stronger
Than its trainer
Therefore for all who wish to tame it,
This basic rule applies:
Whoever wants to tame a Leopard
First of all should not be an idiot"

Leopard 2 cartoon

"Under the spell of the forces of nature
It’s not worth making contact"

Leopard 2 cartoon1

"Whoever doesn’t secure the turret
Has had enough of being his current rank"