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Wilhelm Fischer

The Tank Museum is sad to announce the death of a Tiger Tank Veteran.

15th April 2019

The Tank Museum has received the sad news of the death of German Tiger veteran Wilhelm Fischer, who features in the Tiger Tank Collection exhibition.

Many will recall the meeting of British and German tank veterans at the opening of the Tiger exhibition in 2017. The event was recorded and interviews with the veterans can be found on The Tank Museum's YouTube Channel.

Wilhelm Fischer, a Tiger I driver from Panzer Reserve Battalion 25 came to the Tank Museum with his family on a number of occasions and an interview with Wilhelm features in the Tiger Collection. His family were extremely grateful for the attention Wilhelm received and his grandson has donated Wilhelm’s medals to the Museum.

The medals include Iron Cross 2nd Class (1939/1813), the Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia 1941-1942 and the Wound Badge 1939 3rd Class. The latter of which was awarded for up to two wounds.

It is hoped the medals will be displayed in the Tiger Collection.

Wilhelm Fischer

Here, Wilhelm Fischer (second from the right) sits alongside Second World War veterans Waldemar Pliska, Ernest Slarks and Ken Tout at the opening of the Tiger Collection exhibition.