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Life in the Royal Armoured Corps

New Archive Additions, with a Twist

7th May 2019

This bright canvas pop-up poster is around 10 years old and was used by the British Army’s Engagement Recruitment teams. This, along with one other, has been donated to the Archive by Bovington Camp and represent the latest additions to the collection.


While it may seem surprising that we collect such recent items, these posters fall within our Contemporary Collection Policy. The aim is to prevent future gaps in our collection by proactively sourcing modern and recently produced items which may otherwise be disposed of. However, contemporary collections come with their own challenges.

The posters are made of vinyl. While appearing stable, vinyl and modern plastics are not built to last and can quickly and irreversibly degrade. The best method of preservation is preventative conservation, which aims to delay deterioration by reducing environmental hazards.

Dismantling the poster's stands and removing the poster may seem drastic, but it is the information on the poster that is of value to The Archive, rather than the method of display. We then roll the posters into a wide conservation tube, wrapped in layers of inert material called 'Merlinex' which prevents the layers sticking together or transferring text. Digital images taken at the time of donation capture how the posters were displayed, its present condition and will later be used as a reference, reducing the handling of the item. 

An Appeal from The Museum Archives

The 80th anniversary of the Royal Armoured Corps provides a good opportunity to remind current and recently serving soldiers that The Museum Archive and Supporting Collections are interested in collecting modern items used in conflict; i.e. kit or uniforms, which you may be replacing, and souvenirs from recent operations. Although it is often well publicised that The Archive and Supporting Collections are interested in long past conflicts, such as the Second World War, The Tank Museum is also keen to make sure that items used daily by current and recently serving personnel are also saved for posterity. If you have anything you think may be of interest please contact