The Tank Museum | Sergeant Alexander Craig Noone RTR

Sergeant Alexander Craig Noone RTR

Military Medal Recipient and Welter Weight Boxing Champion

13th May 2019

7886510, Sergeant Alexander Craig Noone MM, was a sergeant in 3rd Battalion RTC/ 3rd Regiment Royal Tank Regiment.  Noone was a recipient of The Military Medal and was a keen Welter Weight boxer, continuing the sporting tradition of his regiment.

Displayed bottom left is an impressive boxing trophy, plaque and array of medals. These were awarded to Noone for both his military service and boxing prowess. The medals shown are;  the Military Medal, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army Bar, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.


medals finalEnlisting on 21st March 1936 in the Royal Tank Corps, Noone was a part of the British Expeditionary Forces sent to France in 1939. Following evacuation from Calais, he was deployed to the Middle East in September 1940 and would go on to serve in Greece, Crete, North Africa and North West Europe.

On 19th March 1942, Noone was awarded the Military Medal for rescuing his commanding officer under fire. Noone was transferred to the reserves in 1946 and de-mobbed in 1948, where he would continue his Welter Weight boxing career.

The tradition of boxing matches remain an important feature within the Royal Tank Regiment; naturally promoting physical fitness and athletic prowess. Additionally, entertainment value is also essential for building esprit de corps. To this day, The Tank Museum annually hosts the regiment’s boxing nights.