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The Tank Museum Cluedo

Murder at the Museum!

30th May 2019

Curator Crushed by Tank!

The Tank Museum Cluedo is now avaliable.

The Tank Museum has teamed up with the classic mystery game to present a fun filled murder story based in the Museum.


Early on a warm summer’s day in Bovington, staff arriving for work at The Tank Museum make a gruesome discovery; their long serving and beloved Curator, David Black, has been murdered!

Choose between being the historian, guide, cleaner, shop manager, mechanic or librarian, and move between the Museum's exhibitions to see if the Curator was killed by the Mark IV, TOG II*, M4A4 Sherman, Tiger 131, T-72, or Challenger 2. 

The Tank Museum Cluedo is the all-new board game that combines the fast-paced gameplay of Cluedo with the iconic Tank Museum in Dorset. 

head of Commercial Operations Alex Medhurst said; “after the popularity of Tank Museum Monopoly, it is great to once again team up with a truly classic family game”.

“Players can expect hours of fun an entertainment, whilst trying to work out who killed David Black and with which tank from the Museum. The game also gives players a good sense of the geography of the Museum, with the game including all of the main exhibition halls”.

“Additionally, The Tank Museum Cluedo provides a good overview of many interesting and important tanks within the collection, from WW1, to WW2, and all the way through to modern day. This is a must buy for anyone wanting to combine an interest in military history with family fun”.

The Tank Museum Cluedo is available both in the Museum shop and online.