The Tank Museum | One Toy Tank, Condition; Well Used!

One Toy Tank, Condition; Well Used!

A Well-Loved Family Toy

1st June 2019

toy tank 2Having been passed down through generations of the donor’s family, this beloved wooden toy tank is earning much deserved retirement in the Archive. 

The tug-along-tank, complete with rotating turret, was created by a local craftsman from the donor’s village and moves by two rollers hidden by its side plates.

The toy was donated by the niece of 7907479, Trooper Eric Dyson who served with 15/19th King’s Royal Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps, from 3rd July 1940 to 5th May 1946. According to his Tracer Card, Dyson was absent from the 28th September 1944 due to either injury or illness. Following his return to the regiment on 3rd October 1944, he drove ammunition lorries which resupplied tanks.