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'Ten Commandments (R.A.C)'

The 59th Training Regiment's 'Armoured Corps' Journal

18th July 2019

3. Six days shalt thou labour and on the seventh do multiple odd jobs”

From the ‘Armoured Car’,Journal Front Cover Journal of the 59th Training Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps. The aim of the journal was to keep the Reunion Association members in touch and act as exchange of news between connecting Regiments. As with all regimental journals, they are a varied mix of regimental updates, sports reports, cartoon’s and humours, asides which including poetry and short stories.

These spring and summer 1946 editions were donated to the Archive by the family of 14481921/22513005, Leonard George Petts. Petts trained with the 59th Training Regiment from 18th June 1945 to 10th June 1947, before being drafted to 1st Royal Tank Regiment 16th August 1947. Despite being discharged on 12th June 1950, Petts would re-enlist, this time in the Intelligence Corps in 1959 and was eventually promoted to Staff Sergeant.

While both journals features light hearted moments, the summer 1946 edition contrasts these with powerful articles, such as Captain Frank Wright‘s personal account as a Prisoner of War building the Burma Railway, and reports of troops dealing with the immediate Post-War world. The Regimental Notes of the 11th Hussars offer a lesser known snapshot of the delicate balance and difficult situations they faced patrolling in Berlin and Wolfenbuttel, as they raided black markets and kept order between displaced people and Germans.

The 59th Training Regiment formed 1st November 1940 at Tidworth, Bhurpore Barracks.