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Local Defence Company Donates to The Tank Museum

Challenger 1 Project

25th July 2019

A Bath based defence company is supporting The Tank Museum with a significant donation in kind.

Horstman Defence Systems, whose pedigree in maintaining and serving tanks stretches back to thorstman_logohe 1920s, have donated many hours of time and expertise in order to return a Challenger 1 tank to running condition in time for TANKFEST 2019.

Horstman CEO Ian Pain said; “We regard The Tank Museum as providing a fitting tribute to those who served, worked on and built these vehicles – so we were pleased to be able to offer our expertise to assist them.”

Challenger 1_009

The Challenger 1, Main Battle Tank of the British Army from 1983-2000, required an urgent overhaul of its suspension in order to continue operating – but The Tank Museum lacked the specialist equipment.

“We were delighted to undertake the servicing of nineteen Hydrogas® units, to ensure the vehicle can run at TANKFEST and in to the future,”  Ian added. 

“Hydrogas® suspension units were developed by Horstman in the 1980’s together with the Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment, providing a revolutionary mobility upgrade to Main Battle Tanks such as The Challenger 1.”

Tank Museum Assistant Director, Helen Smith said ”The work undertaken by Horstman represents a significant donation to The Tank Museum, without which we would have had to pay a considerable sum for such work. We’re very grateful for their generosity in their support for The Tank Museum.”