The Tank Museum | A Squadron 23rd Hussars' War Diary

A Squadron 23rd Hussars' War Diary

A commemorative version has been kindly donated to the Archive and Library

16th August 2019

A copy of A Squadron 23rd Hussars' Squadron War Diary, previously belonging to Trooper Kenneth James, has been recently donated to the Archive. The following wonderfully frank lines are taken from the commemorative copy:

Hello Abe 2, they have just fired some black at me; what are you going to do about it? Over”
“Hello Abe 2, what do you think they are firing at me – Confetti? Out”

abe comic

The Archive is especially pleased by this donation due to the fact that unlike Regimental War Diaries, Squadron War Diaries did not have to be kept, unfortunately leading to many Squadron Diaries being lost as a result. Naturally with the smaller size of the squadron, the diary is more personal in nature and includes named individuals more frequently, making it an important resource for researchers. The diary also offers us an overview of the squadron’s time both during action and day to day activities in North West Europe from June 1944 to May 1945. It also includes a Squadron Roll of Honour and a list of Honours and Awards.

The generous donation also includes five editions of ‘The Triangle’, which was A Squadron’s Magazine. Produced by the troops and their usual witty writing, the magazine includes sports reports, short stories, humorous anecdotes, The Adventures of Sammy Small and cartoons as shown above. However, the closeness of the squadron magazine is highlighted again with its more somber addition updating the condition of four squadron members who had been prisoners of war.