The Tank Museum | Brickmania and Beyond the Brick Meet and Greet

Brickmania and Beyond the Brick Meet and Greet

2nd October 2019

Join legendary Brickmania® designers Dan Siskind and Cody Osell, along with Brickmania minifig artist Landon Reimer and Joshua Hanlon from YouTube Channel Beyond the Brick, at The Tank Museum on 8th October 2019 from 1:30PM to 2:30PM for a meet and greet and exclusive kit unveiling.


Founded in 1999, Brickmania is the world leader in premier custom LEGO® creations. Composed to the highest detail using genuine LEGO bricks, Brickmania crafts small batches of historically accurate military models known around the world for their high-quality and expert original designs.

With over 200 million views and over 550,000 subscribers, Beyond the Brick showcases incredible LEGO creations and the builders behind the designs. Hosted by Joshua Hanlon, Beyond the Brick provides an in-depth look at the world's greatest LEGO creations to fans of all ages in every country on the planet.