The Tank Museum | The Tank Museum’s first Mental Health Event

The Tank Museum’s first Mental Health Event

Former Soldier who Suffered Life Threatening Injuries to Appear as Guest Speaker

10th October 2019

A former soldier, who suffered life threatening injuries, is to give motivational talks at The Tank Museum’s mental health event on 11 – 12 October.

David before and now

Former Lance Corporal David O’Mahoney suffered severe head trauma in 2011 after being hit by a car. Surgeons at the Royal London Hospital worked tirelessly to reconstruct his skull, after the accident had resulted in serious damage to David’s brain matter.

However, David made a truly amazing recovery and just one year on he took part in the Paralympics opening ceremony, raising the Union Flag. Now David is to appear as a guest speaker at Keep on Track, The Tank Museum’s first mental health event.

The two day event is being held to mark World Mental Health Day and is open to both the military and public. A wide range of talks and workshops will be on offer, promoting good mental health and techniques to improve wellbeing.

Exhibitors include the Royal British Legion, SSAFA, Livability and Your First Domestic Violence Service.

David O’Mahoney said “After my injuries I suffered from mental health problems and had suicidal thoughts”.

“Working with a psychologist was a turning point for me and my aim is to be that same turning point for others.

“I have recently joined forces with Emma Willis, founder of Style for Soldiers and we have rolled out my wellbeing package to her database of injured servicemen and women.

“It is already having an incredible impact and our plan is to take it across the UK reaching those who can’t travel into London.

“We’re encouraging the general public and members of the military to come to the Museum to hear from a variety of speakers, including serving and injured soldiers, as well as specialists in nutrition and psychology”.

Entry to the event’s workshop is free for serving military personnel and just £5 for the public.

Find out more about Keep on Track here.