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Model Building with a Twist

Wartime made Model Tank Donated to Archive

16th October 2019

This brilliant model tank, built by Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant E. G. Clarke, was most likely built during his service in World War 2. It has been donated to the Archive this week by his nephew.

Tank 1

A superb spur of creativity, the model features a wooden hull and wheels, whilst the remainder is built out of spent cartridge cases and ammunition. A screw top fixed in place with a nail is a fuse cap from 2 inch mortar, whilst the tracks are from a Besa ammunition belt. The lights at the front of the model are the bottom of .303 cartridge and, what we assume to be smoke grenades either side of the turret, are possibly fuses. As the author can attest, the model is still in working order!

According to his nephew, Clarke was a bit of a traveler and often moved between regiments within the Royal Armoured Corps. The donation offers some clues by including three photographs, two of which feature A10 Cruiser Tanks of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment. The third shows Clarke during the 14th/20th Kings Hussars Regimental Parade in Munster 1956.