The Tank Museum | A Collection of Tank Board Games

A Collection of Tank Board Games

It’s not just on the battlefield where tanks make an impact

30th October 2019

This colourful collection of Tank board games were recently acquired for the Archive. 
Panzer Leader

Since the first World War the tank has featured in artwork, films, television, toys, models and games. However it’s not just on the battlefield where tanks make an impact it’s also in a cultural context.

The dice rolling, turn-based scenario games are superbly detailed with intricate rules covering the First World War, World War 2 and Cold War.

Set in the early days of the tank, ‘To the Green Fields Beyond’ (which was first published by Excalibre Games Inc. in 1978) is an operational simulation of the Battle of Cambrai, 1917, where each turn lasts between 30 to 75 minutes.

 ‘Landships! Tactical Weapons Innovations 1914-1918’ was published by Clash of Arms Games in 1994. The game includes 420 playing pieces which represented infantry platoons and cavalry squadrons, down to a single gun or tank.

1974s ‘Panzer Leader’ and 1987s, ‘Open Fire’ are both set in the Second World War. The Avalon Hill Game Company's ‘Panzer Leader’ aims to recreate the tactical armoured combat of the Western Front with the player taking the role of a German Tiger Commander. Alternatively, ‘Open Fire’ from Victory Games challenges the solo player to take charge of a platoon of American armour, facing off against an ever-changing German foe.

GMT Games’ ‘MBT BAOR’ proves the enduring popularity of tank themed board games. Focusing on the British Army of 1987 operating Chieftains, Challenger 1s, Scimitars and Strikers, this is an expansion pack for the base game ‘MBT’ and is only a year old.