The Tank Museum | A WW2 Royal Armoured Corps Training Report

A WW2 Royal Armoured Corps Training Report

If you think your end of term report was hard work, try the Royal Armoured Corps Training Report on for size!

13th November 2019

This reference example from our Archive Collections is Appendix C of the Director of Royal Armoured Corps Monthly Liaison Letter No. 14 and dates from 15th June 1944.

WW2 RAC Training Manual

A fascinating example in immaculate condition, it breaks down the soldier’s training into three ‘Corps Training Phases’ for evaluation with each section assessed through a code running from A for ‘Outstanding’ to E for ‘Poor’. A remarks box runs adjacent for additional written information on the soldier’s ‘Intelligence’, ‘Progress’ or ‘Zeal’.

Phase I covers ‘General Military Training’ and handling standard weapons such as the Rifle, Mortar and Bayonet. While Phase II becomes far more bespoke and features sections on Driving and Maintenance, Gunnery, Wireless, Dismounted Training and Other Subjects. With the Driving and Maintenance section featuring up to seven types of wheeled vehicles and up to five AFVs/Tracked vehicle entries that the soldier had been trained on. Classifications range from ‘a.) Driver Mechanic AFV’ all the way down to the slightly damning assessment ‘e.) May drive in emergency’!

Such is the detail of the report that the Gunnery section even includes a box where the exact number and types of live grenades the soldier had thrown was to be added. The reverse includes a YES/NO ‘delete as applicable’ box as to whether the assessor viewed the soldier as a potential Officer or NCO and each report had to be signed off by the Squadron Commander, Chief Instructor and Commanding Officer.