The Tank Museum | Photographs Shed Light on WW2 REME Workshop

Photographs Shed Light on WW2 REME Workshop

Stunningly clear images provide a contemporary snapshot

12th November 2019

These photographs shed light on REME’s efforts to keep British armoured vehicles moving.

REME Factory

These exquisite A4 photographs show the repair facility of 22nd Advance Brigade Workshop, Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME). These photographs are not only brimming with a wealth of detail but are crystal clear. It is possible the images were fitted to an album before being donated to The Tank Museum Archive this past week. The donor was given the images as a teenager.

The first image (top right) shows off a massive collection of at least thirty-one armoured vehicles stored in bays under varying states of repair. While the vast majority of tanks being worked on are Churchill Mark VI; it is the presence of Comet lurking in the bottom right hand corner nails the date to post-December 1944. 

Painting is underwayREME 2 in our second photograph (bottom right) with a workman adding the identification number to a Churchill Mark III (note the welded turret), while the finishing touches are being added to a Centaur Dozer.

Found amongst the other twenty-three images are Churchill Mark VIs and even the odd Churchill AVRE!