The Tank Museum | Meet The Tank Museum’s newly sponsored Workshop Apprentice

Meet The Tank Museum’s newly sponsored Workshop Apprentice

Undertaking a three year apprenticeship with The Tank Museum Workshop.

19th November 2019

An Engineering Apprenticeship in The Tank Museum Workshop is to be funded by online donations.

Aaron C apprenticeAaron Cruse, 21 from Salisbury, Wiltshire, will be undertaking a three year apprenticeship with The Tank Museum Workshop, where he will learn how to look after the Museum’s historic collection of vehicles.  

Donors from around the world have been supporting the Museum through the crowd funding website for the past two years. Some of the money raised will now be used to cover the costs of the apprenticeship, run through the Heritage Skills Academy at Bicester.

Head of Marketing Nik Wyness said; “With pledges at over $5,000 per month, we are pleased to be able to use some of those funds to support a position which will contribute to the future of our vehicles.

 “The Apprenticeship aims to teach the next generation the skills required to maintain, conserve and restore historic vehicles – skills which are fast disappearing”, Nik added.

Aaron Cruse said, “It means everything that I’ve got this apprenticeship.

“Having a vehicle come in with a list of problems and seeing it go out and operate on the day makes you proud.”

See the full interview with Aaron in the next episode of Tank Workshop Diaries, which will feature some of the projects he’s involved in at the Workshops.

Tank Museum Patrons already support a film internship at the Museum, which started in 2018. Film Intern Chloe has allowed the Museum to increase the output and quality of content produced across YouTube and the exhibitions.

She recently addressed Patrons saying: "Thank you to every single Patron for supporting The Tank Museum. Your help funds the production of this unique content, and in turn allows me to do what I love every single day!"

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