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A Blast from the Past

A Programme from The Royal Armoured Corps' 'Battle Day' July 1987

9th December 2019

Blast from the Past 2The Archive has had a blast from the past in this week’s donations. This wonderful programme is from the Royal Armoured Corps 1987 ‘Battle Day’, held on 26th July. 

Held on Gallows Hill, the RAC training ground, the event was hosted by the Royal Armoured Corps and featured the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment newly returned from their tour of duty with the BOAR (British Army of the Rhine).

Alongside a static historic display are Mobility Displays, Arena Displays and the main event – ‘Battle Day Attack!' Below a delightful illustration themed in the colours of the Royal Armoured Corps is a recognition chart on display vehicles such as the Challenger and Chieftain tanks, Scimitar and Fox.

Among more common activities, such as Raffles, Pony Rides and Fun Fairs; Clay Pigeon Shooting, Falconry and rather intriguing Grenade Throwing are also advertised!