The Tank Museum | Another TANKFEST first!

Another TANKFEST first!

First Guest tank announced for TANKFEST

1st January 2020

A newly restored M3 Lee tank will be making its first appearance at TANKFEST 2020.

The WW2 M3 Lee Tank has been restored to running order by the Armourgeddon Military Museum and it will be running in public for the first time at TANKFEST 2020.

M3 Lee tankThis particular tank was used by the Australian Army in the Pacific against the Japanese during the Second World War. The Armourgeddon team bought the Lee from an Australian collector and it has taken 8 months to restore it fully.

Head of Collections, Chris van Schaardenburgh, “The Lee is an iconic WW2 tank and we are very pleased to have a newly-restored example running at TANKFEST.

“I know that the TANKFEST audience will be delighted to see the tank as part of the WW2 Armour display.” 

The American M3 was produced in two variants, as the M3 Lee and M3 Grant tanks. Both variants were used by the Allies and were delivered as part of the American Lend-Lease programme. The M3 Lee Tank first entered the battlefield in mid-1942 and saw action in North Africa, Sicily and the Pacific.

They were soon superseded by the famous Sherman tank.

TANKFEST 26-28 June, is the biggest display of historic moving armour in the world. Tickets are only available online. See the TANKFEST page for more details.