The Tank Museum | Arts Council Funding for The Tank Museum

Arts Council Funding for The Tank Museum

Over £30,000 secured to assist the Museum's historic collection of vehicles.

17th December 2019

The Tank Museum has been successful in securing over £30,000 of funding from Art’s Council England to assist with the maintenance of its historic collection of vehicles. 

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The operation of The Tank Museum’s historic vehicles, particularly those that originate outside the UK, requires a high level of expertise and training.

Funding from the Designation Development Fund will ensure staff at The Tank Museum have the necessary level of expertise to sustainably manage and maintain the collection. The programme will allow experts from around Europe and the UK to share their knowledge with Museum staff, helping to ensure that they are leaders in the field.

Phil Gibby, Area Director, South West, Arts Council England, said:

“We are extremely pleased to support The Tank Museum through our Designation Development Fund, with thanks to the National Lottery.

“The project will ensure the long-term sustainability of The Tank Museums’ excellent collection of historic vehicles, allowing more people to experience the benefits that cultural activity can bring.

“We are delighted that this funding will encourage collaborative working and sharing of best practice between the Tank Museum and experts from around Europe and the UK.” 

Head of Marketing, Nik Wyness, said, “Working with experts from across the military vehicle sector means that we are looking after our historic collection to the highest possible standards.

As the custodians of this piece of national heritage, it is crucial that we keep them in good condition for generations to come.”