The Tank Museum | Vintage Royal Armoured Corps Adverts

Vintage Royal Armoured Corps Adverts

The 70s Recruitment Campaign 'Men, Armour, Action' has been donated to the Museum's Archive

9th March 2020

This simple, snappy slogan advertising life in the Royal Armoured Corps comes from a recruitment brochure and leaflet dating from 1971. 

RAC recruitment photo 3

Originally, you would have found these on Army Stands or at the Army Careers Office.

In excellent condition, these documents offer a snapshot of the recruitment techniques of the British Army during the Cold War. Displaying a range of choices from Reconnaissance, to the Parachute Squadron. Both documents feature action shots including Chieftain, Stalwart, Fox and Saladin, all emphasising a life operating in the “most exciting parts of the world”. However, that’s not all: attractive off-duty activities are included to, such as rugby, cricket and more “exotic” opportunities like skiing and free-falling. 

The Royal Anglican Museum have recently forwarded these documents to The Tank Museum after receiving a large donation - why? Because all accredited museums have collection policies: a policy focusing their collecting to ensure that the donations they accept are relevant to their historical subject. As a result, when an item doesn’t match their collection policy, museums contact the relevant collection asking if they would like the donation passed on. In this case, the answer was an unequivocal yes!