The Tank Museum | #STAYATHOME: The Tank Museum Increases Online Output

#STAYATHOME: The Tank Museum Increases Online Output

Online output is increased to encourage the stay at home message.

27th March 2020

The Tank Museum will be boosting its online output to encourage tank enthusiasts to stay at home by combating boredom.


Even though most staff are working remotely, we’re working on a programme of additional activity to bring The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Museum curator David Willey is to feature in a series of book & film review videos, and there will be twice weekly lecture videos (Tuesdays and Saturday) featuring David and other experts at The Tank Museum discussing a range of related subjects.

Claire from our Education team will be hosting a weekly tank-themed competition for children and creating a page of resources to help keep young enthusiasts occupied.

On top of this, we’ll still be posting regular nuggets across our social media and uploading Tank Chats and other videos on YouTube.

Simply follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube, and enjoy our output. Feel free to show your support and appreciation for our efforts by subscribing, liking or commenting. We’d also really appreciate it if you shared it with anyone you thought might be interested.

The best bit is… its all free!